Thursday, December 28, 2006


Happy New 2007 Year & merry Christmas!

It's my compilation for You all! :)

Happy New 2007 Year & Christmas! (From humanoidi) (Only for Georgian IPs)

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Max Richter's Fantastic Music

ეს არის მუსიკა, რომელიც პირველი მოსმენისთანავე ზედმეტად მომეწონა: კლასიკის, პოეზიის, ემბიენტისა და ცოტა პოსტ–როკის ნაზავი.

Max Richter (Composer)

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Max Richter (b. 1966) is a German-born composer, now living in Great Britain.

He trained in composition and piano at University of Edinburgh, the Royal Academy of Music, and with Luciano Berio in Florence. The info available on his own website states that his early music was basically hard-core Modernism: much influenced by Xenakis.

After finishing his studies, Richter co-founded the contemporary classical ensemble Piano Circus, where he stayed for ten years, commissioning and performing works by Arvo Pärt, Brian Eno, Philip Glass, Julia Wolfe and Steve Reich. The ensemble was signed to Decca/Argo, producing five CDs.
In 1996 he worked with Future Sound of London on their album Dead Cities. He started initially as a pianist but ended up working on several tracks as well as co-writing one track (titled Max). Richter collaborated with this group over a period of two years with the album The Isness. He has also collaborated with Mercury Prize winner Roni Size, with the album In The Mode.
Richter has released three albums; Memoryhouse (2002 in music), The Blue Notebooks (2004), and his newest release, Songs From Before (2006).


Max Richter – Memoryhouse © 2003

01-Europe, After the Rain
02-Maria, the Poet (1913)
03-Laika's Journey
04-The Twins (Prague)
07-Untitled (Figures)
10-Jan's Notebook
11-Arbenita (11 Years)
12-Garden (1973) / Interior
13-Landscape with Figure (1922)
15-Lines on a Page (One Hundred Violins)
17-Last Days
18-Quartet Fragment (1908)

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Merry, Stalker Place, Houses...

ბევრი ვიარეთ თუ ცოტა... მოკლედ ვიარეთ.
All photos by © humanoidi
Only last photo by © merry

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